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RSB could not exist without its members. Over 100 diverse organisations have come together to create the RSB. What was a vision to ensure biofuel sustainability has grown into a global sustainability certification for all biomaterials.

Today, members promote RSB’s sustainability certification, and approve revisions to the standard and certification system as technology, the environment and society are constantly changing.

To ensure a balance between business and civil society interests, the RSB members are organised into seven chambers which represent different sectors. In addition to a balance between business, government and civil society, RSB strives for a regional balance between the Global North and the Global South.

RSB Chambers:

  1. Farmers and growers of biomass
  2. Industrial biofuel/biomaterial producers
  3. Retailers/blenders, the transportation industry, the bio-product industry, banks/investors
  4. Rights-based NGOs (including land, water, human, and labour rights) & Trade Unions
  5. Rural development or food security organisations & Smallholder farmer organisations or indigenous peoples’ organisations or community-based civil society organisations
  6. Environment or conservation organisations & Climate change or policy organisations
  7. Intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), governments, standard-setters, specialist advisory agencies, certification agencies, and consultant experts

Chamber Teleconferences

Chamber teleconferences take place on a regular basis. All teleconference reports are available upon request. Please contact the Secretariat (

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Current Members List


By accepting the Articles of Association of the RSB, members endorse RSB objectives and commit to allocate sufficient time and resources towards the development and implementation of the RSB Standard.

RSB membership, however, does not indicate compliance with the RSB Principles & Criteria. Compliance with the RSB Principles & Criteria may only be demonstrated via certification, including the successful completion of an on-site audit by an accredited certification body, as defined in the RSB certification standards.