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The RSB’s General Assembly and Business Forum 2017

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14-16th November – Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

We look forward to welcoming you to the RSB’s annual meeting that has two exciting components:  The General Assembly and The Business Forum.

The General Assembly

(14&15th November)

All of the RSB’s members are invited to attend the General Assembly which offers an opportunity for the chamber members to meet each other and discuss hot topics affecting sustainability across different sectors.

Addressing the theme of “Getting the Bioeconomy to scale” the assembly will provide clarity on global best practice for dealing with waste and residues and bioproducts. The proposals for the revision of the bioproducts standard will offer insight as to how to ‘scale up’ volumes of bio-based feedstocks into supply chains while ensuring ethical and transparent claims for sustainable sourcing.

Revisions to the Articles of Association will streamline the process for amendments to, and the development of, new RSB standards.

We want you to participate in these lively discussions, network and engage in cross sector conversations based on the areas of interest most important to you and your sector or business.

Attending this event is one of the key benefits of being a member of the RSB because it enables integrated engagement and different perspectives and opinions to be shared.  Relevant outcomes will be integrated into further development of the world’s most credible sustainability standard.

The Business Forum

The Big Picture: Getting Biojet to scale 

(16th November 2017)

Open to all the RSB’s members and other interested stakeholders

The Aviation and Sustainability workshop hosted by WWF and the RSB last year in Hanoi, Vietnam marked the start of an ongoing dialogue about how to implement true sustainability across all aspects of aviation. The discussion continues this year as we examine the current context and its implications.

Why you should attend the Business Forum:

  • Discover the latest, global figures on biojet production
  • Find out what theoretical, practical and implementable models exist to balance offsets and sustainable aviation fuel
  • Answer how airlines can address true sustainability
  • Question how offsets and biofuel production can be implemented to maximise environmental and social outcomes and provide compelling stories for consumers
  • Consider how the production and delivery of sustainable aviation fuel can be increased

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